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Our Process

Step 1 – The Idea:

Maybe you can’t find or buy a piece of furniture or cabinetry to fit your needs? For example: size, style, color. Whatever your idea or need is, we are happy to help create it for you, or your designer, architect or home builder.

Step 2 – Initial Consultation:

At our first meeting, in your home, office or at our shop. We will discuss your ideas and the precise needs of your project and how best to achieve it. This will likely involve a discussion of the following: style, functionality, material, type of finish and hardware. In most cases we will draw a very rough sketch and take some preliminary measurements and photos of the area at this time.


Step 3: Commitment to create design and provide detailed cost analysis:

Since your project is a custom build it requires dedicated time for design and research of materials. A minimal fee for this process is required. If the project moves forward to production this fee will be deducted from the overall investment.

Step 4 Receiving your cost analysis:

Within 5 business days of your deposit we will send you the design and cost analysis  via email.

This will include:

  1. Sketch

  2. Rough lead time

  3. Subtotal of Project and or services provided

  4. Sales Tax (if applicable)

  5. Installation and Delivery Charge


All quotes are good for 30 days.


Step 5  Invoicing, CAD Drawing Approval & Scheduling:

Final contracts will be signed and dated with a down payment of 50%. Within the first week a CAD drawing will be provided for final approval. Then your project will be implemented into our production schedule. You will receive a delivery date. We know that time matters, and that you are counting on the delivery date we provided.

Step 6 – The Building / Finishing:

We first start by carefully selecting and purchasing the highest quality material available in our industry for your project.


Then our most favorite part begins and we start to create! At this time, and during the building phase, we will keep you informed of the progress of your project. Also the finishing process may start to begin by creating some finish samples. If we are not matching an existing color or technique all finish samples must be approved and signed by client.


We always encourage and are happy to make an appointment with you, to come visit our shop to view your project before the final finish process begins!


Step 7 – Delivery / Installation:

Delivery and if applicable installation will occur on the date or day(s) that were scheduled in advance with you. Please let us know if any adjustments to that schedule are required. During the installation at your home or office, we are very mindful and courteous of our surrounding and leaving the work area very clean with no construction waste. Final payment is requested upon delivery and/or installation.

Do you have questions regarding your project?

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